Hedge Trimming Hamilton & Waikato

A huge amount of satisfaction can come from a good, honest job done well. But a huge amount of frustration can be found in a attempting a tough hedge trimming job with the wrong tools or a bad strategy! Many good Sunday afternoons have been ruined by a task that looks so simple, but throws up a whole host of problems.

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And what on earth do you do with all those cuttings? It is amazing how much bigger a hedge looks when it is strewn across your lawn in a thousand pieces!

Hedge trimming is essential in ensuring that a hedge is healthy and established. Careful manipulation of a hedge results in a dense, rich, healthy hedge which holds the surrounding vegetation together. A well-established hedge regulates drainage and mineral flow throughout the surrounding area, and getting it right can have huge positive effects, especially for gardeners. Getting it right is important.

Many people choose to trim their own hedges, with varying results! A neat, well-trimmed hedge looks fantastic, elegant and smart. It is an art form, and one which we are keen to encourage. Old estates used to employ gardeners simply to keep on top of the great garden’s hedges, and though the tools we have now allow a similar finish in a fraction of the time, the need for great care and precision is still there. If you don’t have the time, skill or inclination to do it yourself, our hedge trimming service is here to help!

Box hedges to boundary lines, we have the tools and experience at our disposal to deliver every time.