Tree Removal Hamilton & Waikato

The decision to remove a tree completely is always a hard one. Waikato is a haven for growth, blessed with the enormous bio-diversity that comes from a region covering four distinct ecological regions, from the central volcanic plateau to the wetlands, encouraging a vast range of species to thrive. Sometimes though, a tree can become a troublesome neighbour, whether through rapid growth encroaching on buildings, or infrastructure, or through wind damage. Regardless of the reason, sometimes a tree must be removed, and though sad, it is often essential.

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Getting it right is important. Complete removal means complete removal. Trunk, branch and debris. We offer the full service, from site survey to supplying a neat stack of firewood; if wanted. With so many species of tree in Waikato, both native and imported, experience is key to a successful tree removal. With decades of experience in tree removal in Waikato, our experienced arborists have seen it before, and have both the equipment, and the experience to ensure that even the most technical, and potentially risky tree removal tasks are completed safely, efficiently and neatly.

We at Canopy Aborists are specialists in tree removal in Waikato district and beyond. Any size tree in any situation; we provide the knowledge, equipment and experience, leaving you with a clean, clear site, complete piece of mind and a very competitive bill. Canopy Aborists – the one stop shop for tree removal from Tokoroa to Te Aroha.