Tree Trimming Services

Trimming a tree can be hugely therapeutic, but above and beyond the bonsai variety, can cause some serious headaches to the enthusiastic amateur. Over-pruning or trimming at the wrong time of year can severely damage, or even kill even mature trees, and a little knowledge goes a long way when it comes to tree trimming. Not to mention a mastery of the tools involved. Working with power tools at height is a seriously risky business in the wrong hands.

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Our team of qualified arborists are highly experienced, professionally qualified and fully insured, armed with both a wealth of experience and the best tools available, making our tree trimming service completely risk free. We provide a highly professional service, complete peace of mind and everything that is needed to complete tree trimming projects across Waikato, all at highly competitive prices.

It is always a surprise to see how much bigger a tree is when it is strewn across your lawn than when it was reaching for the sky. Our holistic service means that we will get rid of the debris too. If you would like mulch or fire wood (size dependant), just say the word, and you will be left with a neat pile or bag, rather than the litter strewn lawn that are the plight of poor tree surgeons.

Our depth of knowledge and experience is also included within the quote. Certain trees respond to pruning or trimming in very different ways depending on the season. Some are best to prune in spring, whilst this will kill others. In mixed orchards or wooded areas, a tree trimming project may require two or three visits throughout the year to produce maximum benefit. A quick site survey will be enough to determine this. Rest assured however, that we will not cut corners and risk killing a tree.